"Bethesda International Photography Competition"
By Jessica Dawson
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, March 20, 2003; Page C05
"By Jessica Dawson, reprinted with permission from the Washington Post"

Bethesda International Photography Competition

Hugh Shurley's "Bay Bay," at Fraser Gallery. (Fraser Gallery)

Tasked with winnowing the 300 entrants of Fraser Gallery's Bethesda International Photography Competition to just under 50, juror Phillip Brookman zeroed in on photographs examining "what artists express about the place they live." The Corcoran Gallery curator of photography and media arts defined "place" generously; the works he picked depict locations and people both real and imagined. Best in Show winner Hugh Shurley's sepia-toned photo collage "Bay Bay" might pass for a 100-year-old family photograph -- yet it was made just last year. The image, of a young woman clasping a doll, was printed on bits of lace and cloth, evoking artifact and photograph simultaneously.

2003 Bethesda International Photography Competition at Fraser Gallery, 7700 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m., 301-718-9651, through April 9.

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