"Figure Studies"
The Figure in Drawing Show at Fraser Gallery
By Mark Longaker
The Georgetowner
February 8, 2001 page 8
"Reprinted with permission from the Georgetowner"

Fraser Gallery focuses on the human figure this year, planning three group shows on various figure study media. Currently, "The Figure in Drawing" is up, with sketches and drawings by well-known Washington artists and promising newcomers.

Two sketches by Joe Shannon, a former curator at the Hirshhorn Museum, show a recimbent nude named Jackie basking in her sexuality. Next to these, a surreal drawing by Margarida Kendall Hall seems impersonal. Julie Schneider does subtle, life-like portraits by shaping carbon dust with her fingers on gesso. Other old hands include Jamie Wimberly, who brings a peeping-tom approach to the nude by framing his subjects in windows and keyholes, and Greg Denton, drawing men with charged homo-eroticism.

Exhibiting for the first time in her life, Gabriela Dellosso renders the figure classically. Pen and ink drawings by Jacqueline Saunders and life drawings by Mary Deleyiannis also debut fresh talent.

Next month: "The Figure in Photography."

Fraser Gallery "Figure in Drawing" show. 1054 31st Street, NW through February 19, 2001. Call 202/298-6450 or visit www.thefrasergallery.com

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