"Gallery Views"
The Figure in Painting Show at Fraser Gallery
By Mark Longaker
The Georgetowner
January 25, 2001
"Reprinted with permission from the Georgetowner"

Fraser Gallery devotes a show to the nude in painting, with a dozen artists over a wide range of styles. At the bizarre end of the range is a surreal scene of a squatting woman. She holds a huge, green, crab-like object aloft in one hand, while her other hand reaches down, engaging a chemist's model of spheres and rods, and, in the process, splitting into several parts.

There are also more conventional studies, such as one of a young woman from behind in sensuous, natural skin tones. She stands facing an antique brown-and-white liquor jug, which interposes from the right frame. This scene feels classical and looks sumptuous. Too often, though, other paintings appear overly stylized, message-laden, or even amateurish. The show runs through July 18, 2001. (202/298-6450).

Copyright 2001 The Georgetowner
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