"Tristan Schane at Fraser Gallery"
By Jonathan Ferree
Digital City Art Critic
October 2002
"By Jonathan Ferree, reprinted with permission from Digital City"

With a prolific career that started at the impressionable age of 16, comic book artist turned fine artist Tristan Schane’s work incorporates both sides of the brain, blending both the technical and the creative. At 34, Schane paints with the precision and lucidity of artists twice his age. His career as an illustrator is apparent: each piece is deftly crafted in vivid and scrutinizing detail.

The surrealistic and dream-like visuals present are reminiscent of Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch, but give a feeling that the subject matter is far more personal and closer to home. Images of insects, children, computer circuits and a human inner-struggle are reoccurring subjects in his paintings -- but all at the same time. Impressive composition brings these seemingly unrelated objects together and makes them feel as if they were somehow related.

© 2002 Digital City

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