"Gallery Views"
Summer Group Show at Fraser Gallery: A Walk On The Weird Side
By Mark Longaker
The Georgetowner
August, 2000 page 24
"Reprinted with permission from the Georgetowner"

Showing the weirder side of art are 17 paintings, photographs, sculptures and constructions by as many Fraser Gallery artists, including the gallery co-owners, Catriona Fraser and her husband F. Lennox Campello.

Weird begins with Diane Kahlo's "The Flight," a 3-D, wall mounted construction showing anude woman peering from behind a grate of leaping red flames on which a dove rests, wings outstretched.

It gets weirder. Beside that one hangs an untitled painting by Grant Silverstein, a skilled craftsman who squanders his talents on a sophomoric scene of orgiastic debauchery, as three slatternly women fecklessly grope each other on a dishevelled bed.

Less lascioviously weird is Sheila Giolitti's mixed-media painting, "Luscious," showing an enormous round pear the size of Roseanne Barr in glossy russet. Katie Kaufman's "Not Without Danger," a construction of wire and weathered wood framed with tabel legs, seems dangerously devoid of sense.

But the blue ribbon of weird goes to a nightmarish painting by David FeBland. Hudson Falls," it shows a gargantuan guy with headphones falling backward across a tiny path on which tiny joggers, bicyclists, trashmen, baby-pushing mothers and God knows who else scurry, while the woods next to them go up in flames. Scary.

Fraser Gallery group show. 1054 31st Street, NW through August 16, 2000. Call 202/298-6450 or visit www.thefrasergallery.com

Copyright 2000 The Georgetowner
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