"Jamie Wimberly at Fraser Gallery"
By Jonathan Ferree
Digital City Art Critic
September 2002
"By Jonathan Ferree, reprinted with permission from Digital City"

Over the last few decades, contemporary art, by definition, has become an ambiguous and generalized term with many people immediately associating it with the great abstract painters of the 50s and 60s. A direct contrast to the art of that era and to other contemporary moderns, Jamie Wimberly’s work is more technical than visceral, more intended than spontaneous.

A recurring subject is the depiction of a red headed woman, sometimes portrayed as warm and very human, other times dark and conveying the gamut of emotions. These alternative images are skillfully placed into and onto what appear to be reclaimed materials, the two somehow achieving congruence and painlessly reaching a synergistic uniformity. The conjoining of the significant and the seemingly insignificant, the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, depicts a skill not found very often.

© 2002 Digital City

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