"Galleries: Pagan Gods and Patriachs"
By Joanna Shaw-Eagle
Washington Times Art Critic
April 22, 2003
"By Joanna Shaw-Eagle, reprinted with permission from The Washington Times"

Maryland painter Andrew Wodzianski dramatically places figures from ancient legends in contemporary settings for his first solo exhibit at Bethesda's Fraser Gallery. The 6-foot-plus Mr. Wodzianski paints characters from the stories as well as playing them, as when he appears as the Greek Titan Cronus in his "Cronus" series (he shows himself devouring a helpless doll) and as the patriarch "Jacob." At Fraser, 7700E Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda. 11:30 a.m to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Staurday, through May 7. Free. 301/718-9651

2003 Washington Times

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