"Fraser Gallery's Bethesda Outpost"
By Jessica Dawson
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, February 21, 2002; Page C05
"By Jessica Dawson, reprinted with permission from the Washington Post"

Earlier this month, the tiny Georgetown gallery Fraser opened a Bethesda outpost. At 1,680 square feet, the space is quadruple the original's size, and plenty nicer. With shiny wood floors underfoot and floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing an interior courtyard, the new space already outshines its older sister, which will now focus on up-and-coming artists and play host to annual student shows.

The Bethesda gallery's inaugural show is a smorgasbord of realist painting and photography by Fraser's stable of artists. Maxwell MacKenzie's panoramas starring lonely Midwestern barns are here, as are David FeBland's neo-Ashcan School street scenes painted in expressive gestures. New to the gallery are some well-known artists, including photographer Joyce Tenneson, who was hot in the 1980s for shooting soft-focus sylphs in surreal poses. Her classic "Suzanne in Contortion" hangs here. She'll have a solo show in May.

Fraser Gallery, 7700-E Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m., 301-718-9651, through March 6.

2002 The Washington Post Company

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